Acronis launches Advanced File Sync and Share, facilitating MSPs to strengthen their work collaboration services

Acronis launches Advanced File Sync and Share, facilitating MSPs to strengthen their work collaboration services

Acronis, the global leader in cyber security, launched a new advanced protection pack Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in its service provider solution. The new Advanced File Sync and Share pack extends Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s fundamental file-sharing capabilities by adding data security features like blockchain-based data notarization and electronic signatures, allowing service providers to improve their workplace collaboration services.

While these trends present opportunities for managed service providers (MSPs) who provide IT to small and medium-sized businesses, the problem is that typical file sharing solutions do not resolve modern organizations’ data security concerns, such as control over storage locations, data access, and what people can do with that data.

“Every survey and trend indicates remote work is here to stay, so MSPs need a way to keep client employees productive and safe when accessing and sharing valuable company data. Unlike traditional file sharing solutions that are not built for service providers, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced File Sync and Share delivers a secure work collaboration service that empowers MSPs with multi-tiering and multi-tenancy. And since it’s integrated with our full range of backup, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection management, partners can deliver it all through a single management console,” said Jan-Jaap “JJ” Jager, Board Advisor and Chief Revenue Officer at Acronis. “

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud provides managed service providers (MSPs) with fundamental cyber protection features on which they can build their services, including pay-as-you-go file sync and share. Traditional work collaboration solutions do not provide them with the additional data security that the new Advanced Files Sync and Share pack does.

Clients can notarize files of almost any format and type using the Ethereum blockchain, providing indisputable proof that the content is original and unaltered.

“At Mindfire Technologies, we are very excited for the new advanced protection pack of Acronis Cyber Product Cloud. As a business partner, it does not only help us, but also helps provide our clients with the services they need. Cyber protection has become a priority and the Advanced File Sync and Share pack will give them the peace of mind they need when it comes to securely sharing and accessing key data,” said Mr. Rejeesh Kumar, VP – Technology & Strategies at Mindfire Technologies.

Advanced File Sync and Share is part of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s monthly upgrades, which assure service providers can provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date cyber protection.