BlackCloak raised $11 Million Series A Funding to Expand Digital Executive Protection Platform

BlackCloak raised $11 Million Series A Funding to Expand Digital Executive Protection Platform

BlackCloak, the first Digital Executive Protection platform for professionals and high-profile people in the cybersecurity business, announced that it has raised $11 million in Series A funding from TDF Ventures, with participation from TechOperators and DataTribe.

“This investment in BlackCloak highlights where the cybersecurity market is heading. Attackers are keenly focused on Board members, senior executives, and other key personnel in companies across every industry. They realize that if they can penetrate this inner circle through their personal accounts and devices, they can hit the jackpot in terms of a corporate breach, intellectual property, or other sensitive data,” said Jim Pastoriza, Managing Partner, TDF Ventures.

“It is a known issue that our online activities and devices have been at risk for some time, but what is new is the idea that personal digital lives can have a direct impact on the company. From unemployment fraud impacting entire executive teams to the exposure of corporate information through personal email, the risks and consequences are very real. BlackCloak is exclusively solving this issue,” said Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO & Founder, BlackCloak.

“High-profile individuals often find themselves outside the umbrella of protection provided by their companies and are forced to rely on weak, consumer grade-products. BlackCloak gives security teams, and the executives they support, security and peace of mind,” said Tom Noonan, General Partner, TechOperators.

BlackCloak is increasing its patented technology offering in both the cybersecurity and privacy space, improving its interaction with members, and growing its team and sales operations with this Series A round.