CYE and OTORIO partners to offer a single-pane solution to tackle the rise of industrial ransomware

CYE and OTORIO partners to offer a single-pane solution to tackle the rise of industrial ransomware

CYE, the industry leader in cybersecurity optimization platforms, announced a partnership with OTORIO, a company that provides next-generation OT cyber and digital risk management solutions, to offer an integrated solution to businesses with converged IT/OT/IOT environments looking for prompt ransomware protection. This collaboration intends to assist clients in turning more stringent US government laws for critical pipeline owners and operators into practical cybersecurity plans, as well as developing practical actions to improve their cyber hygiene and overall security postures.

Ransomware cyberattacks on industrial enterprise firms and essential infrastructure have increased significantly in recent months, notably the Colonial Pipeline attack, which created fuel shortages across the East Coast of the United States for almost a month and resulted in a $4.4 million ransom payment. Other essential industries, such as water utilities, hospitals, and financial organizations, have also been impacted by these accidents. In response, the US National Security Council released a report urging cyber leaders to help protect against the threat of ransomware, emphasizing the private sector’s unique role in supporting the federal government in securing critical assets against attack, and highlighting that no company, no matter how large, is immune to attack.

One of the most significant issues facing pipeline operators today is gaining a comprehensive awareness of network assets, including those who have access to their infrastructure. CYE and OTORIO give cyber visibility across all IT, OT, and IOT environments, assessing risks, identifying exposures, and developing long-term cybersecurity best practices, based on the principle that you can’t defend what you can’t see. The solution is fully automated, making compliance and risk management much easier. Furthermore, CYE and OTORIO enable enterprises to drastically minimize risks while lowering costs by proactively identifying exposure and potential attack vectors and fixing them before they become breaches.    

“The partnership with OTORIO comes at a time when we see a significant uptick in ransomware attacks on companies providing critical services to the public. CYE  aims to alleviate the burden on companies that can’t afford operational downtime, while giving them peace of mind that they are protected against any future need to pay a heavy ransom,” said Reuven Aronashvili, CEO and founder of CYE.

“Cybercriminals have become as powerful as nation-state adversaries, posing a real threat to operational continuity,” said Daniel Bren, CEO and co-founder of OTORIO. “Building on OTORIO’s extensive experience protecting industrial and mission-critical environments, our joint solution simplifies cybersecurity for converged IT/OT/IOT environments by adopting a proactive risk-reduction approach instead of traditional intrusion detection and response methods.”