JupiterOne Integrations Increase Value and Context for Cyber Assets

JupiterOne Integrations Increase Value and Context for Cyber Assets

JupiterOne, a vendor of cyber asset management and governance solutions, has launched three new industrial integrations for its security platform: Cobalt, PagerDuty, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

JupiterOne clients gain visibility throughout their environment and enrich their existing workflows with new knowledge about their relationships with the help of these strategic integrations. JupiterOne’s API-driven platform connects relevant metadata from new infrastructure and security tooling to provide value to their existing technologies.

JupiterOne’s platform uses contextual linkages to bridge the gap between a typical IT configuration management database (CMDB) and security solutions, reinventing how cyber asset management is done. As a result, AWS, Cobalt’s penetration testing service and PagerDuty’s digital operations management platform may provide consumers with more information regarding cloud configuration.

“We’re seeing more customers centralizing and automating their entire toolchain as a broader, more strategic initiative within their organizations. This model must be built on the foundation of understanding around how all cyber assets connect to each other. We’re proud to formally collaborate with AWS, Cobalt, and PagerDuty to become the glue that enterprises need to gain visibility and contextual knowledge across those complex environments. We help our customers discover unknown risks and reduce manual efforts on day-to-day security operations. What sounds simple can be an overwhelming challenge to do well consistently and at scale,” said Erkang Zheng, Chief Executive Officer of JupiterOne.

“Digital value created by organizations doesn’t exist in silos and security shouldn’t either. For companies to be successful they need to know what’s in their environment and how their technology assets are connected to each other in a meaningful way. Our partnership with JupiterOne is about adding more context to the cyber assets and relationships that ultimately bring value to an organization,” said Caroline Wong, Chief Security Officer of Cobalt.

“JupiterOne and AWS have been working together for a number of years resulting in a strong integration between our platforms. Today we are announcing a leveling up of our joint capabilities. Extending cyber asset relationship-based security and governance across so much of ASW’s technology brings a wealth of security context and a significant improvement in cloud native cyber security to our joint customers,” said Dudi Matot, Principal Segment Lead in Security, Amazon Web Services.