NexusTek Announces New Cybersecurity Service Plans to Fight Cyberattacks

NexusTek Announces New Cybersecurity Service Plans to Fight Cyberattacks

NexusTek provider of managed IT services and full IT outsourcing solutions to organizations across the United States, announced the launch of new managed cybersecurity plans to address the requirements of hybrid and remote workforces. The three plans, which provide managed cyber threat prevention, detection, and response, offer different degrees of security that are customized for each firm.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global shift to a remote workforce has raised cyber security problems, such as unpatched devices, uncatalogued endpoints, and insecure networks. As a result of cyber criminals preying on such shifting schedules and vulnerable staff, social engineering cyberattacks have increased.

NexusTek has over 25 years of experience offering cybersecurity solutions, and these latest managed cybersecurity plans demonstrate NexusTek’s commitment to clients by improving their security posture and cyber resilience in the phase of growing cyber threats. The pre-packaged plans incorporate the most up-to-date security requirements that every organisation requires, making it simple for businesses of all sizes to choose the strategy that best serves their needs and objectives.

“NexusTek is excited to release these newly packaged cybersecurity solutions. Cybersecurity strategies must include solutions that can quickly adapt to combat changing tactics from cybercriminals. The pace at which tactics change makes it very challenging for businesses to keep up and quickly implement comprehensive solutions. Now, we have arranged a comprehensive set of cybersecurity solutions from our best technology vendors into pre-designed plans to make it easy for companies to protect their business and reduce risk. Our Cybersecurity Solutions focus on helping businesses protect their highest at-risk assets: their employees and their data. Our plans are also designed to be extensible and can be easily customized, as needed,” said Randy Nieves, Chief Technology Officer, NexusTek.

“The release of our new cybersecurity plans is timely and much needed. With the steep increase in ransomware attacks over the last 15 months since much of the U.S. started working from home, our new packages make it simple for every business to select the right plan and protect their employees, revenue, brand reputation, and ultimately, national security,” said Bill Wosilius, CEO, NexusTek.