Optiv Security Releases Next-Gen Managed XDR to Prevent Threats Early in the Attack Lifecycle and Reduce Business Impact

Optiv Security Releases Next-Gen Managed XDR to Prevent Threats Early in the Attack Lifecycle and Reduce Business Impact

Optiv Security, the leading end-to-end cybersecurity solutions partner, introduced its Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) product. The technology-independent solution enables clients to respond quickly and decisively to today’s most serious cyberattacks and enhance their security posture.

“Optiv MXDR brings simplicity, transparency and automation to clients’ environments, enhancing existing defenses to counter known and emerging threats with confidence and speed. What’s more, we can seamlessly leverage the power of Optiv to extend and layer the offering with a full suite of complementary services like remediation, incident response, threat hunting, and beyond,” said David Martin, chief services officer for Optiv.

Optiv MXDR is the only managed cloud-based next-generation advanced threat detection and response solution that extracts data from several layers of technologies to correlate, enhance, normalize and enable automated actions to malicious activities in real-time. Businesses can detect risks faster and select which threats to mitigate first by automating incident investigation with actionable information, drastically decreasing the attack surface.

“We know the threat landscape; both what’s at stake and how to circumvent threat actors while significantly reducing time to detect and respond. We meet clients where they are and customize our continuously managed approach to ease the burden of the unknown and allow teams to detect, respond and remediate threats faster while also automating deeper investigation for future improvements,” said John Ayers, XDR vice president for Optiv.

Devo has been appointed as a core partner in Optiv MXDR, providing scalable, cloud-native logging and security analytics through the Devo Platform, allowing Optiv clients to have full visibility across cloud and on-premise systems.

“Security teams are eager to learn more about XDR as they look to consolidate their security stack for greater efficiency and accuracy in threat detection and response. “Two constraints have always stood in their way: lack of real-time access to historical data, and the inability to collect and analyze the massive data volumes associated with modern operational environments. Devo eliminates these concerns and is uniquely qualified to power solutions like Optiv’s MXDR,” said Ted Julian, SVP of Product at Devo.