SecurityScorecard forms Partnership with Tenable to Deliver Complete Cyber Risk Monitoring

SecurityScorecard forms Partnership with Tenable to Deliver Complete Cyber Risk Monitoring

SecurityScorecard, the leading security ratings firm, formed a partnership with Tenable, the Cyber Exposure company, to provide a holistic view of a company’s risk posture by combining Tenable’s  visibility and depth of analytics into enterprise networks with SecurityScorecard’s external cyber monitoring. CISOs, IT directors, and security teams can now examine their SecurityScorecard rating, evaluate their external cybersecurity health, and analyze their risk posture from within the Tenable Lumin dashboard as a result of this partnership.

“Understanding your up-to-date risk posture has become a necessity in a world that’s increasingly more complex, dynamic and transient. We’re excited to partner with SecurityScorecard to give customers complete visibility into the risks that exist inside and outside their environment, and guidance for how to most effectively reduce that risk, all in a single platform,” said Ray Komar, vice president of technical alliances, Tenable.

Cybersecurity testing processes that are performed on a one-time or periodic basis have become obsolete. Today’s cyber threats vary by the minute, so businesses need a solution that can keep up with the fast-paced nature of cybersecurity by continuously monitoring for vulnerabilities and assessing the security posture and cyber resilience of the entire organization.

“Organizations must be proactive to address cyber breaches, and security ratings are the foundation to measuring and understanding security resilience in real time. “Together, SecurityScorecard and Tenable are advancing a new standard for continuous monitoring by blending external and internal risk assessments, which provide organizations with a holistic view into the risks that exist in their environments,” says Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder of SecurityScorecard.

Tenable Lumin’s strong analytical capabilities for risk assessment are combined with SecurityScorecard’s real-time visibility of external vulnerabilities in this integration. Clients of Tenable Lumin may now use real-time updates to construct external risk management and threat detection playbooks, enabling them to properly identify and respond to threats and risks.