Google Cloud and Boeing Collaborate to Enhance Aerospace Industry

Google Cloud and Boeing have collaborated to support Boeing’s cloud transformation by transferring tons of applications over several market segments and aerospace technologies to Google Cloud. Boeing will be able to overcome issues related to traditional on-premises IT deployments by leveraging the cloud’s versatility, as well as Google Cloud’s data analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies’ simplicity of use and innovation.

CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian stated, “Boeing is a global aerospace icon, and we’re proud to partner and apply the best of Google Cloud’s capabilities, including AI, data analytics, and clean infrastructure. We look forward to working together to transform Boeing’s business and help them continue to build innovative aerospace services that help airlines run efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.”

Boeing’s aerospace product software and internal developers will be able to design and deploy apps and solutions across the organization to solve problems, create new digital products, and support its business partners because of the partnership. Boeing application owners will be able to use Google Cloud’s automation to speed up the provisioning of services for projects. Developers will also be able to use new data analytics and AI/ML capabilities for greater business effect, such as providing insights that can help Boeing enhance its airplane manufacturing efficiency.

Boeing’s chief information officer and senior vice president of Information, Technology & Data Analytics, Susan Doniz commented, “Today’s announcement represents a significant investment in Boeing’s digital future. Google Cloud will help us modernize our applications; empower our people with the latest technology, tools, and expertise; and continuously innovate with rapid software changes. With Google Cloud’s years of cloud leadership, data analytics, and AI/ML experience, we are looking forward to driving advanced digital aerospace solutions together.”

Boeing will deploy apps and workloads in Google Cloud areas with the lowest carbon footprint, in keeping with the company’s objective to achieve net-zero emissions. Google Cloud uses renewable energy to power all cloud workloads, making it the cleanest cloud in the business. When customers such as Boeing migrate an application from a self-managed data center or collocation facility to Google Cloud, the net operating expenditures are zero.

Vidizmo Partners with Hexagon to Improve Digital and Content Management

Vidizmo announced a strategic partnership with Hexagon to improve digital evidence and video content management for public safety organizations throughout the world. Agencies will be able to better gather, handle, and evaluate digital evidence as of the new capabilities, which will improve the investigative process and increase case clearance.

Senior vice president, Global Public Safety, Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, Bill Campbell, said, “In an age of exploding data, public safety agencies are modernizing their tools to keep up with changing demands. With an increase in videos, pictures, and other assets collected by agencies, digital evidence management is vital to the success of investigations. We are excited to partner with VIDIZMO to bring our customers state-of-the-art solutions to their needs.”

The strategic partnership helps Hexagon’s public safety customers to manage the whole lifespan of digital evidence, from collection to analysis and storage. Users may easily look through massive volumes of evidence and use digital data to discover potential concerns and solve crimes more efficiently.

Hexagon’s industry-leading public safety platform, HxGN OnCall, provides superior incident management capabilities to police, fire, ambulance, and other agencies, including call-taking and dispatch, records administration, sophisticated analytics, including Artificial intelligence/machine learning, and big event management. The VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) streamlines and simplifies the ever-increasing amount of digital evidence by providing a robust platform for ingesting, storing, managing, and sharing evidence in a centralized repository while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. To increase efficiency, the DEMS system offers AI-powered indexing and redaction capabilities.

Vidizmo and Hexagon products are now accessible for on-premises and cloud deployment around the world. Hexagon is a major digital reality solution supplier that combines software, sensor, and autonomous technologies.

Vidizmo’s CEO, Nadeem Khan, said, “Both Vidizmo and Hexagon are committed to creating safer communities. Together, with our combined expertise, we’re empowering public safety professionals with the tools they need to ensure the security of the public.”

Nokia Launches New SaaS applications

SIM Secure Connect and AVA Network Data Analytics Function are two new software solutions (SaaS) launched by Nokia for mobile carriers and companies.

The new services, which are focused on security, data, and monetization, build on Nokia’s current SaaS business to enable telecoms service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to increase their value by transitioning to a subscription-based, old-school, cost-effective model.

Nokia’s new SaaS solution, ISIM Secure Connect, allows CSPs and companies to manage eSIM and iSIM-enabled device registrations in a secure and medium-term manner. It also integrates all components of the eSIM / iSIM management process seamlessly, allowing services linked to a reliable digital identification system to be monetized.

The company’s second product combines AI and analytics which is a virtualization and automation (AVA) solution. Nokia AVA Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) offers analytics on the network edge, leverages 3GPP compliant analytics services, and promotes software development interactions because of its distributed architecture and open APIs.

To generate greater returns automation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) helps improve network performance and customer experience.

Regarding commercial releases, Nokia said their AVA NWDAF service would be available later this quarter with a SaaS delivery model. ISIM Secure Connect is scheduled to launch as SaaS later this year. However, other shipping options will continue to be available to customers.

11:11 Systems completely acquires Iland

A company that manages infrastructure solutions, 11:11 Systems, has acquired a cloud service provider in Texas, Ireland.

The finalization of the procurement was announced on Thursday. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Headquartered in Houston with regional offices in London and Sydney, Ireland delivers cloud services including Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) from its cloudy regions throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

11:11 Systems said it aims to expand the award-winning Irish Secure Cloud Console, which integrates in-depth security with detailed layers, predictable analytics, and compliance to bring about easy visibility and management of Irish cloud services.

The agreement follows the recent acquisition of 11:11 Systems by Green Cloud Defense, the only channel provider, for cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

“By increasing Iland’s 25% YOY momentum at 11:11 Systems’ expanding the national network of MSPs, VARs and IT coordinators, a mechanism has been developed to boost growth,” the 11:11 Systems statement said…

Brett Diamond, CEO of 11:11 Systems, said his company’s recent acquisition was inspired by making internet security more accessible to its customers.

“CIOs and IT leaders are being pushed to address increasing numbers of security threats, application vulnerabilities, and network weaknesses that can leave organizations exposed to data breaches; at the same time, they are tasked with laying the right foundation within their infrastructure to embrace hybrid cloud, navigate sophisticated application requirements, artificial intelligence and more while data and devices continue to multiply exponentially,” said Diamond.

Resecurity formed Partnership with Safety and Intelligence Network Africa (SINA) to Improve Cyber Threat Intelligence

Resecurity’s cyber threat intelligence solutions offer proactive notifications as well as complete and accurate visibility of digital risks aimed at a firm’s ecosystem. Administrators can minimize the potential weak spots and security gaps by rapidly seeing in-depth analysis and specific artefacts obtained from the dark web, network intelligence, botnet activity, and high-quality threat intelligence data on the innovative platform.

The partnership between Resecurity and SINA seeks to raise awareness about numerous security challenges and threats, accelerate professional growth of security professionals, and foster knowledge transfer in order to promote African stability and security. Through the partnership, Resecurity will provide advanced cyber threat intelligence and solutions for law enforcement and national security agencies to SINA.

“Providing public and private organizations the tools they need to secure their cyber ecosystems is essential to not only support our country’s digitalization but protect our data. By partnering with Resecurity, we will help organizations mitigate these risks through dynamic cybersecurity SaaS solutions and training. SINA is excited to work closely with Resecurity to help our students build their security skills and become cyber resilient,” said Alexander Frimpong, CEO of SINA.

Resecurity and SINA’s collaboration seeks to spread awareness about various security challenges and threats, accelerate professional development of security professionals, and foster knowledge transfer in order to support African stability and security. SINA will benefit from Resecurity’s advanced cyber threat intelligence and solutions for law enforcement and national security agencies as a result of the partnership.

“We are proud to partner with a leading organization like SINA to provide best-in-class cyber intelligence solutions and knowledge sharing. This is an exciting time due to the rapid growth of Africa’s digital economy, and also a crucial time for security professionals as they prepare for the imminent cyber threats that will come with this growth. Together, we can ensure Ghana’s organizations and professionals have the tools, data and skills they need to combat cyber threats,” said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity.

Microland And Securonix Formed Partneship To Deliver State-Of-The-Art Managed SOC Solutions

Microland, a worldwide leading firm in digital transformation services, announced a strategic partnership with Securonix, a provider of Next-Gen SIEM platforms to enhance its managed Security Operations Center offering. The collaboration would enable businesses to gain from advanced artificial intelligence-based solutions to detect and eliminate threats in a world where data theft is on the rise and data protection is becoming increasingly difficult due to a highly complex security landscape.

“Microland advocates a Cyber Resiliency First approach to defend enterprise critical assets and a strategic partnership with Securonix, a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, is a significant milestone. It reiterates our commitment to providing a Modern Managed SOC with behavior analytics, powered by the elastic Securonix cloud, with ADR – true open XDR Architecture,” said Robert Wysocki, SVP & Global Client Solutions Leader, Cybersecurity, Microland.

Microland provides a 24 x 7 SOC-as-a-Service solution that tracks and records the organization’s expanding digital footprint, contextualises the value of data assets, inspects the IT estate for cyber threats, and protects it by taking real-time necessary actions. Microland would enhance its cyber security services by adding functionality to trace advanced threats and provide artificial intelligence-based security incident response, leveraging Securonix capabilities in UEBA, online monitoring, and log management.

“We are thrilled to be working with Microland to help customers thwart the advanced attacks that modern organizations experience daily. Our modern, proactive approach to enterprise defense, coupled with Microland’s global presence, is sure to deliver unmatched value to organizations looking for a managed SOC offering. The early traction we have experienced together has been incredible, and we look forward to building on that momentum throughout the balance of the year and beyond,” said David Wagner, Vice President, Global MSSPs & Systems Integrators, Securonix

Arista Enters Microsoft Intelligent Security Association To Help Improve Customer Security

Arista Networks has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), a community of independent software suppliers and managed security service providers that have integrated their products to better protect against an increasingly dangerous environment.

Arista was recognized for their NDR (Network Detection and Response) system’s integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel. By integrating network context and threat detection with log-based and endpoint insights within Azure Sentinel, this integration provides faster threat mitigation.

Insider threat detection, threat hunting, digital forensics, and incident response are among the autonomous use cases enabled by Arista NDR, which analyses entire network packet data. The NDR platform detects, profiles, and classifies network items including as devices, users, and applications across campus, data center, IoT, and cloud networks using Arista AVA (Autonomous Virtual Assist), an AI-enabled decision support system.

AVA pre-computes answers to problems that an expert analyst would ask after analysing network data and querying threat intelligence sources, open source intelligence, and partner solutions within the MISA ecosystem and beyond. The platform uses this information to uncover weak and early signs of a network issue, as well as confirming data, in order to build conviction and determine the attack’s broader breadth. This allows the SecOps team to thwart an adversary’s goals at the very beginning of an attack.

“Customers have invested in a variety of security solutions in their battle against modern cyber threats. Responding to the adversary requires a coordinated effort across these solutions so that risks can be mitigated and impact minimized. Microsoft shares this vision and we are pleased to collaborate by bringing the high-fidelity detection and response signals from AVA and our NDR platform into Microsoft Azure Sentinel and MISA,” said Rahul Kashyap, VP/GM Arista NDR Security Division.

Companies are sometimes blind to 50% or more of their network, including IoT and contractor devices, as well as cloud workloads, as networks have developed. Adversaries target this larger attack surface, but because the underlying device lacks security agents or log sources, these attacks generally go unnoticed.

For this otherwise unmanaged infrastructure, integrating Arista NDR with Azure Sentinel provides extensive insight into network entities, threat detection, and incident response capabilities. Security teams benefit from comprehensive, entity-centric context that can be utilised to correlate data collected from other IT and security systems using Azure Sentinel workbooks.

“The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association has grown into a vibrant ecosystem comprised of the most reliable and trusted security software vendors across the globe. Our members, like Arista, share Microsoft’s commitment to collaboration within the cybersecurity community to improve our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster,” said Maria Thomson, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Lead.

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR strengthens security operations for Barracuda users

Stellar Cyber has announced the integration of its security platform with Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, Barracuda Total Email Protection, and Barracuda Web Application Firewall, offering managed security service provider (MSSP) clients and prospects with improved visibility, cyber threat hunting, automated incident correlation, and remediation.

“Our customers know that Barracuda delivers best-of-class email, network, and web application security solutions. When it comes to defending against today’s sophisticated cyber threats like ransomware and data breaches, they are looking for full visibility and automation,” said Fleming Shi, CTO at Barracuda Networks.

“We already offer Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR optimized for our MSP customers. This new integration with Stellar Cyber gives our enterprise customers a holistic view of their infrastructure and the capabilities to coordinate incident response to attacks in real time.”

The Stellar Cyber platform integrates the XDR Kill Chain and AI-driven correlation of detection techniques and warnings into automatically generated incidents on an incredibly simple dashboard with visibility all over the attack surface, so analysts know precisely what to look into and how to look into it.

Furthermore, the inbuilt multi-tenant functionalities of Stellar Cyber find things simpler for Barracuda’s MSSP partners to offer SOC-as-a-service to its end-user customers.

“The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform brings additional value to existing Barracuda product investments by ingesting their logs, enriching the captured data, analyzing that data for threats, and then automatically remediating attacks through the firewall as well as other systems,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research. “It’s great to see this level of integration to protect customers.”

“By integrating our Open XDR AI-powered cybersecurity platform with Barracuda’s popular solutions, we deliver a new level of visibility and SOC capabilities, such as correlated threat analysis, threat hunting, and automated remediation, to Barracuda customers,” said Paul Jespersen, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at Stellar Cyber.

“Our purpose-built platform collects and ingests data from all existing security tools and presents a single dashboard that clearly identifies and prioritizes security threats, all the way from individual alerts to sophisticated incidents or attack stories, in a way that maximizes efficiency in SOC operations.”

Barracuda is focusing on strengthening its integrations with Open XDR systems such as Stellar Cyber. Clients of Barracuda will be able to more effectively block ransomware and stay ahead of attackers that use credential theft and account takeover in email security to stop further penetration.

AI Phishing Defense Firm SlashNext Raised $26 Million Series B Funding

SlashNext, the SaaS leader in spear-phishing and human hacking defence stated it has raised $26 million in venture capital funding Series B. The round brings total SlashNext funding to $ 43 million, thanks to new investors Tom and Matt Gallo, Telia Group and the Ayala Group ACTIVE fund, as well as early investor participation by Norwest, Wing and Alter Ventures. 

Majority of cyber breaches are successful like ransomware and theft of data. SlashNext’s patented AI cloud and device protection extends over and across popular communication and collaboration applications to stop spear phishing, the social engineering industry and other targeted human threats. SlashNext protects companies from the malignant user threats from legitimate, trustful sites that easily escape current SEG, proxy, SASE and endpoint security tools, with its pinnacle accuracy and 48 hour detection time.

“When cybercriminals launch successful multi-channel phishing and social engineering attacks, the results are massively disruptive to people, organizations, and the economy. This is the number one cyber challenge that organizations face globally, and bad actors are only increasing their attacks in Linkedin, MS Teams, Messenger and Slack and becoming more sophisticated at taking advantage of the most vulnerable part of organizations – its people. This is why we saw considerable growth this past year with over 600% increase in customers and a 750% growth in ARR since the introduction of our multi-channel AI defense service,” said Patrick Harr, SlashNext CEO.”

SlashNext will scale-up its domestic and international acquisition and operations with new investments. Besides driving important distribution partnerships with MSSP, embedded OEMs and carriers, including their new strategic investors Telia Telecom and APAC Globe Telecom, representing over 40 million mobile subscribers in Europe. SlahNext will further lead the AI cloud and multi-channel, multi-language device detection of any type of phishing targeting — SMiShing, Vishing, BEC, fraudulent banking, scams, scam browsers, credential stealing, ransomware, social engineering or other malicious digital user attack from legally hosedt or trusted supply chain vendors.

SlashNext has the potential to prevent billions of dollars in damages to organizations by combatting the rise of spear phishing and other targeted attacks,” said Promod Haque, Senior Managing Partner at Norwest. “This funding will enable SlashNext to expand its footprint globally, making it the clear choice for organizations looking for protection against malicious digital attacks that current SEG, proxy, and endpoints solutions cannot defend.”

“The many recent headlines about ransomware attacks continue to confirm that no industry is immune to cybercriminal spear phishing attacks and the results of a successful attack are incredibly disruptive to operations. We consider these threats daily in all our operations – from transportation to production to growth. Our strategic investment in SlashNext strengthens our defenses, and we are excited to partner with them to grow and innovate to stop this multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity problem,” said Thomas Gallo.

“Unlike in the past, where cybersecurity breaches mainly focused on email through business devices, attacks now occur on different applications installed on endpoint devices like mobile phones and tablets, which can be personal and less protected. The ACTIVE Fund investment in SlashNext recognizes the evolving nature of communication for work and life – data-driven and digital, collaborative, and accessible anywhere any time and on any device. SlashNext’s superior technology will fortify enterprises’ defenses, allowing them to operate with speed, scale, and security, protecting both their customers and their shareholders. We’re keen to support SlashNext’s mission to stop this global problem,” said Minette Navarrete, President of Kickstart Ventures.

JUMP Global Technology Advisors And IronNet Announced Strategic Initiative To Protect The Entertainment Industry From Cyber Attacks

The IT procurement firm JUMP Global Technology Advisors (GTA) and IronNet Inc. have announced a collaboration to protect the entertainments sector against cyber attacks.  Acknowledging that the defense of the electric system, the financial sector, and other sectors of the nation is as important to economic prosperity, JumpGTA and IronNet bring advanced threats to this integral industry, and a real-time exchange of attack intelligence.

JUMP GTA and IronNet will work together to support the Entertainment Collective Defense Communities to enable stakeholders, through the automated anonymous attack intelligence and crowd threat information, to share visibility and quicker reaction to cyber attacks among community members. The aim is to empower the entertainment industry to defend itself as a unified front to prevent threats of hackers, organised cyber criminals and national opponents which are harmful and difficult to identify.

“In light of rampant cyber campaigns hitting all industries, including ransomware attacks, there is an urgency to change the entertainment sector’s defense playbook to ensure that companies can operate in a secure digital environment – without costly disruptions and risk to intellectual property,” said Walter Thurmond III, Managing Director.

Collective Defense Community of IronNet uses the IronDefense solution for AI-based Network Detection and Reaction (NDR) as well as its embedded systems that rate and prioritise warnings and built-in hunting services for detecting new and unidentified cyber attacks.

Maj. General (Ret.) Brett Williams, Co-founder, IronNet said, “It does not make sense for the entertainment sector, or any industry, to wait for the next major attack when we have the tools to see unknown threats and a new way of defending together. I am pleased to be part of the JUMP GTA and IronNet initiative to deliver Collective Defense to this crucial sector.”

JUMP Managing Partner & CEO Aric Ackerman said, “Our partnership with IronNet will allow us to ensure that no company has to continue defending alone, especially against attacks that threaten the entertainment sector as a whole.”