Envision Virgin Racing and Palo Alto Networks form Multiyear Partnership

Palo Alto Networks, the world’s leading cybersecurity company, and Envision Virgin Racing, the current leader in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship standings, announced a multiyear partnership. The organizations hope to raise awareness about their similar aims to promote a secure and sustainable future through this partnership.

Palo Alto Networks’ continuous advancements in cloud security, network security, and security analytics help resolve the world’s most pressing cybersecurity concerns. The company is a pioneer in providing cybersecurity solutions and trusted intelligence to assist enterprises in making secure progress in an increasingly connected world.

This will include the enhancement and optimisation of Envision Virgin Racing’s cybersecurity solutions, which are fundamental to the digital safety of the team. In addition, Envision Virgin Racing driver Robin Frijns, who is now second in the driver standing and a firm contender for the championship title, will also become an official ambassador of Palo Alto Networks.

“Both Envision Virgin Racing and Palo Alto Networks are at the forefront of new technologies that help us build a better future, and we are delighted to be joining forces with them. Envision Virgin Racing is driving new EV technologies that converge more and more with our daily activities, and the work that Palo Alto Networks does sits at the very centre of it, ensuring that we are all operating in a safe and happy environment,” said James Mercer, commercial director at Envision Virgin Racing.

“True partnerships are based on a shared aspiration to create great impact in the world. Envision Virgin Racing’s commitment to its Race Against Climate Change for a better future aligns with our vision of a world where each day is safer than the one before. We value this partnership and the opportunity to amplify each other’s mission, as we both continue to make progress on emerging challenges,” said Zeynep Inanoglu Ozdemir, chief marketing officer of Palo Alto Networks.